Top 3 Reasons to Implement Video Surveillance at Your Apartment Complex

by Shawn Scarlata

As the owner of an apartment complex, you are responsible for the upkeep of your property, maintaining both the inside and the outside of your building. The amount of time and effort you spend doing this depends on the size of your property, but big or small, one of the more top-of-mind jobs to address is safety, whether that’s keeping employees or tenants safe inside, or monitoring public activity outside. If you own an apartment complex, this can be a more challenging task.

These days, apartment complexes don’t only include apartments, but also parking lots, garages, gyms, an office and sometimes even a hall or gathering area for the tenants. With so many people organized in a defined amount of space, each living on different schedules with their own personal lives, it’s important to provide safety measures like around-the-clock video monitoring for your occupants in your public spaces. Sometimes, implementing video surveillance can even help you comply with the law.

The following are the top 3 reasons to implement video surveillance at your apartment complex.

  1. Video surveillance provides safe, comfortable facilities for your tenants.

In New York, for example, there’s a tangible line between privacy and safety. The general rule states that law-abiding tenants can freely use their homes without unreasonable interference or annoyance, and rental clauses frequently cite that the occupants are entitled to “exclusive control” of their space when they sign the lease. However, tenants of your apartment complex may not want the same kind of personal privacy in your public spaces.

As a property owner, you have a duty to provide safe, comfortable spaces in the public areas of your complex. If your tenants feel unsafe around their home, it could hurt your business with a bad reputation and not enough occupants to pay the bills. Video surveillance in public areas, defined by the New York Courts as “hallways, lobbies, vestibules, public telephone booths, stairwells and any other areas used for ingress and egress where access is relatively uncontrolled,” is necessary to provide this type of environment for your tenants.

  1. Video surveillance teaches you to spot suspicious activity and prevent crime.

Even though you may have tenant turnover when leases are up for renewal, you’ll still have long-term or noteworthy tenants that exhibit certain patterns of behavior you’ll learn over time. Using video surveillance is one way to quickly get up-to-speed on the ecosystem of your complex, which could help you prevent crime before it occurs.

Monitoring spaces like the parking lot, gym, security office and other highly-trafficked public areas can help you understand when that’s a busy area, a slow area–or an area someone shouldn’t be in at all. If you’ve taken the time to learn the patterns of your apartment complex, that too can aid in catching suspicious activity. Management Enterprises, a property management company, recalled an incident when at a property they operate, staff suspicions were aroused when a visitor consistently entered the building at a particular time of the day. A current resident, who was allowing an unauthorized person to live with her, would only admit to having the guest after being told everything was logged on the apartment complex’s DVR.

  1. Video surveillance can help you easily comply with property laws.

As a property owner, you’re likely familiar with all of the rental laws that are applicable in your state. Sometimes these laws pertain to how you are allowed to rent the space within your property, the allowance of animals or smoking inside and on the premises, and a myriad of different scenarios that make up the experience of renting an apartment. If you know these laws, you’ll know whether or not your state requires you to have video surveillance at your apartment complex.

In California, the law says that property owners have a legal duty to provide a safe and secure environment for their tenants. Video surveillance technology can help fulfill this requirement. Video surveillance is a good fit for preventing theft and vandalism, actions that can breed more serious criminal activity in your complex. You’ll want to check the laws in your state, as being a crime deterrent is one of the noted benefits of using a video surveillance system.


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