Off Duty / Retired / Prior Law Enforcement Agents:

For those situations that you feel need the attention of a well trained law enforcement officer

Many of our clients request the services of off duty / retired / prior police experience individuals for their assignment. Having been active duty law enforcement officers for well over 20 years in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Blueline is prepared to quickly deploy an agent with these qualifications. All of our off duty / prior police officers are armed and very well trained in law enforcement techniques and tactics. Many have held positions on local Emergency Services Teams (SWAT), hostage negotiation teams, executive protection details, and more.

Our off duty police officers have not only been trained extensively over their years in law enforcement, but they have also experienced levels of stress and high pressure situations as part of their every day careers.

If you feel your situation requires the services of one or more of these agents, please call us today to discuss further. Most can be deployed in either business attire or a uniform. Below are some situations where our officers have been deployed most frequently:

  • Employee Terminations
  • Workplace Threats
  • Escorting Courier Service Drivers
  • Domestic Standby Situations
  • Asset Protection