We use Lighthouse to monitor, manage and automate our security operations

Blueline uses Lighthouse to ensure your people and property are safe and secure at all times. It provides –

  • Assurance our guards are on site and providing the best service possible
  • Verified and transparent records of activity and incidents at your properties
  • Improved safety through increased visibility and guard productivity

Benefits to you:

Improved visibility of service delivered

Verifiable records of activity that demonstrate service excellence and identify failures.

Automated service reports right to your inbox

Daily activity reports and automated alerts delivered to your inbox ensure you know what occurred at your properties.

Effective management of risks and incidentsy

Mobile incident reports, live maps and real-time notifications ensure all risks are assessed and resolved in real time.

Productive workforce focused on the job at hand

No more manual or paper records that take focus away from protecting your property. All activity is recorded digitally and may be reviewed instantly.

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