GuardTek System

Tracking Your Security Personnel with GuardTek



In order to be effective, security guards must remain in motion. For each client, Blueline Security Services installs GuardTek by Trackforce (a customized GPS system) on your property, which allows us to track the movement of security personnel in real time.

The Benefits of Trackforce

The greatest challenge for a security firm is being certain that guards are performing their duties properly. With GuardTek by Trackforce, we remotely track, monitor and manage an entire security force in real time.

GuardTek by Trackforce in Action

Enhance Performance

By remotely monitoring an officer’s location and activity, supervisors can immediately respond to inadequate performance, address issues or take corrective action in real time, rather than after the fact when the guard tour has ended. A concern and potential liability occurs when guards abandon posts they are assigned to protect. If a guard leaves a property for any reason, the GuardTek device will notify a supervisor that the device has violated a pre-configured GeoFence.

 Increase Responsiveness

Your security officers are able to instantly mass notify multiple managers and supervisors of a situation. As a result, they are not faced with making big decisions without supervisory input, and responsibility for managing problems is transferred to more experienced supervisors.

 Improve Safety

The panic button and motion sensor increase the personal safety of each security officer in the field. In the event of a crisis situation, a security officer can immediately mass notify and contact emergency personnel, as well as additional security support personnel, with the single press of a button. If a guard is down, the motion sensor will detect a lack of motion and transmit a “no motion” alert to a supervisor for immediate response and support.

For more information about increasing the effectiveness of security personnel, see the Trackforce website or call us.

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