5 Things Off-Duty and Prior Police Officers Can Do

police facing awayIf you’re contemplating hiring a security guard to protect you or your employees, consider this: what kind of experience do you want your hired guard to provide? Security guards can help monitor events, schools, and businesses to keep them safe from theft and vandalism. But if you want to hire a security guard because of an upcoming, high-pressure scenario at your business or home, an off-duty/retired/prior police officer may be what you need.

Off-duty/retired/prior police officers are an alternative to the traditional security guard when a higher, more experienced level of service is needed. These agents are well-trained in law enforcement techniques and practice their skills every day in their day jobs. When you need protection under pressure, an off-duty/retired/prior police officer is your best choice.

Here are five things off-duty/retired/prior police officers can do.

  1. Off-duty/retired/prior police act as a calming force during terminations.

Office firings are hard for both the employee and manager in different ways. For the firing manager, there’s always the chance the employee may react poorly to the termination. Even in situations where the employee is aware it’s happening, there’s still a chance they could cause harm to themselves or others out of anger and frustration.

Office terminations are one scenario where an off-duty/retired/prior police officer can help. They can provide a calming yet authoritative presence in the room, possibly deterring the employee from making a scene. And if the terminated employee does happen to lash out, the off-duty/retired/prior police officer is always ready to respond, just like in his day job.

  1. Off-duty/retired/prior police can protect your important executives and dignitaries.

Depending on the type of business you are in, you may have high-ranking officials that require security when they visit your location. These people don’t have to be celebrities. Anyone who has power or money can be targeted for their wealth and status and may need to be protected.

In the case that you are expecting a high profile visitor, you may consider an off-duty police officer to protect these executives, dignitaries and other people of power. Police officers train for this daily in their jobs by looking into suspicious scenarios and protecting the victims or those who are threatened.

  1. Off-duty/retired/prior police know how to handle workplace threats.                 

Beyond employee terminations, there are other threats that can arise in the workplace. An example of a workplace threat could be a disgruntled customer who keeps returning or a known thief who won’t stop lurking in your aisles.

This type of situation may resemble a typical call a police officer receives while on duty, so it makes sense that they’d be a good fit to handle these issues off duty as well. Police officers are trained to react and respond quickly, and this experience can help during high-stressful situations in your workplace.

  1. Off-duty/retired/prior police can neutralize domestic standby situations.

While domestic disputes begin at home, they have their way of entering a significant other’s place of employment. One of the four types of workplace violence is personal relationship violence. Spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends and ex-boyfriends/ex-girlfriends were responsible for the on-the-job deaths of 321 women and 38 men from 1997-2009, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

As a manager or business owner, you personally may not be threatening enough to intervene on a domestic violence dispute that has entered your workplace. That’s why an off-duty police officer can help neutralize the threat by using the law, which will have repercussions beyond the immediate incident in your workplace. Plus, depending on the severity of the situation, off-duty/retired/prior police can be hired to be unarmed or armed, which can be critical if the situation escalates.

  1. Off-duty/retired/prior police can escort important transports for your business.

So much of business these days happens online. Financials and other important business information can be scanned and emailed with the touch of a button. Deals can be made over the phone. However, there are still certain high-stake, non-digital scenarios in your business that call for a little extra protection.

For example, let’s say you ran a raffle at your business and made tens of thousands of dollars that you need to deposit in the bank. Or maybe you need to hand-deliver a piece of paper that could make big changes to your company and its financials. Both of those situations call for an off-duty police officer, who can ensure that nothing goes wrong in the transport of those items. Protecting a moving target is all in a day’s work as a police officer, and those instincts are still there, even on off-duty days.

Although you may already have a security plan in place, hiring an off-duty/retired/prior police officer for certain situations in your business can complement your existing plan. Off-duty police officers are the best fit for when a higher, more experienced level of service is requested, whether it’s ddressing a workplace threat, protecting a high-ranking executive or neutralizing domestic violence in the workplace. Check out other ways an off-duty police officer may be able to assist you.

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By, Shawn Scarlata May 24, 2016


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